The first day of school is rapidly approaching (where did the summer go?), and as a parent, Dr. David Moore, understands how much preparation goes into getting children ready to go back to school. Do you have a trip to your child’s pediatric dentist on your list?

Dental problems are a growing concern for students’ school absences. A bright and healthy smile will not only help your child concentrate and succeed in their studies, but it will also boost their confidence! Dr. Moore of Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry has a few tips to get your kids establish a healthy oral care regimen.

Get Back Into A Routine

Kids of all ages thrive on routine, and a dental health routine is no exception. While it may be hard to wave goodbye to carefree summer days and nights, it is crucial to start getting into the habit of better self-care before the first day of school. Preparedness is a major component of health and success!

For young kids, start tracking their brushing times on a chart that they can see and fill in themselves. If they are unable to floss independently, be sure to floss their teeth after brushing at night. For teenagers, have them set brushing and flossing reminders until they get into the swing of things.

Start Making Those Dental Appointments

It’s never too early to schedule an appointment with your Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry office. Dr. Moore suggests coming in for routine visits at least twice a year. Scheduling early will give you more time to plan accordingly with school and work. Pediatric dental offices are often busiest on teacher workdays and early release days. If those are your preferred appointment days, Dr. Moore stresses the importance of booking those days early in order to lock in your child’s appointment.

Add a New Toothbrush and Mouthguard to Your Back To School Shopping List

Back to school shopping is the fun part of preparing for the first day! New backpacks, new supplies, new clothes, etc. Don’t forget to add a new toothbrush to the list! Choosing the right toothbrush for your child is an important part of their dental care. Make sure you are choosing a soft-bristled toothbrush that is an ideal size for their mouth. Dr. Moore encourages parents to choose a toothpaste with the ADA seal of approval in order to ensure its safety and effectiveness.

If your child is in sports, don’t forget to add a mouthguard to your list! Dr. Moore can custom fit a mouthguard for your child. Custom-fit mouthguards are recommended to ensure adequate protection from high contact sports.

Emphasize the Importance of Healthy Foods

Knowing which foods and drinks your child is consuming is key to helping them achieve a healthier smile. Choosing nutritious foods for your child is also important for their overall health. For starters, start limiting sugary snacks, pack healthy lunches (and after school snacks), and skip the soda and sports drinks. Making healthy eating a way of life early on will encourage your kids to do so in the future.

Establishing a dental health routine will not happen overnight, so that’s why Dr. Moore encourages parents to get their children into a pattern a few weeks prior to the start of school. Your Charlotte pediatric dentist can help guide you when creating your child’s dental health plan.