Dr. David Moore - You're Only As Good As Your Team

Dr. David Moore - You're Only As Good As Your Team

Deciding to become a pediatric dentist was one step in the process. Beyond that, I knew that I wanted to start my own practice. I wanted to make sure that everything in the patient & parent experience would live up to my standards. Here’s the catch: I can’t provide the best of every angle of service on my own. I need a team.


Finding a team can be a challenge. The people you bring in must first and foremost be qualified and skilled in the field, especially when talking about the pediatric specialty. They must be passionate about providing quality care and also truly excited to work with children. It’s an ongoing process that doesn't happen overnight. As our business grows, so too does the number of families we service continue to grow. In fact, we’re opening our fifth office (in Waverly) on January 10, 2017. To ensure we provide the same level of service and commitment I must build and maintain a highly qualified team at the same pace. Here are three things I’ve learned about creating an office culture that supports a caring environment for pediatric dentistry patients.


Involve everyone when onboarding new team members


1 - Involve Everyone

Use the people families already know and love to help groom and train new hires. The best way to spread company culture is by exposing new team members to every layer of the company. Rather than relying on one or two people to instill the mission and vision Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry has, we use the entire team to help train and integrate new staff members.



Listen to parents

2- Listen to Parents

Our patients come first. But, we also have to be very aware of the experience we provide for the whole family, especially the parents. That’s why the accolades we are proudest of come from the words of parents who are happy with our offices and staff. Our team loves reading the comments on posts on our social platforms, as well as going through the cards we receive in the offices. We understand the level of trust parents place in us to care for their children, and it’s a job we never take lightly. We were also honored to recently be named as a Mom-Approved Pediatric Dentist by Charlotte Parent.


Don't forget the patients


3 - Don’t Forget the Patients

Kids don’t hide emotions. Understand how to separate their anxiety of dentist from other concerns or uneasiness. Make adjustments for each kid; no two are the same. By ensuring all of our team members are enthusiastic and properly trained, we help provide positive experiences for each child.