Why Dr. David Moore, DDS Chose Charlotte

Why Dr. David Moore, DDS Chose Charlotte

Previously, Dr. David Moore DDS shared his practice growth strategy. As the dentists working at his practice noticed a need for service for patient families in the outlying areas of Charlotte, such as Gastonia, Davidson, South Charlotte, and the University, Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry opened an office. Some have wondered, however, what made Dr. Moore choose Charlotte in the first place.


About the Charlotte Area

Why Dr. David Moore DDS chose Charlotte North Carolina


Charlotte has been experiencing fantastic growth; the population is expected to crest 3 million within 15 years. According to information and data shared by Curbed, “People are flocking to the Queen City. Charlotte’s post-recession growth rate is second only to Austin, and the city is the top destination for millennials, according to a recent report from Apartment List.”


Millennials may be the focus for a lot of developers, but people in that age bracket will eventually settle down and start raising families. If they bond with the Charlotte area, it’s likely many of them will stay, increasing the city’s need for support for families, such as good schools, recreational amenities like parks, and an array of pediatric service providers like dentists, doctors, and specialists.


Charlotte For Families

Dr. David Moore DDS chose to help Charlotte families


Movoto lists 15 reasons why Charlotte is great for families. Their list includes affordable home prices, outdoor amenities and family-friendly festivals, quality support programs, access to healthy eating options, and natural cultural and religious diversity that is both supported by institutions and programs and encouraged by the melting pot of Charlotte residents.


Charlotte For Kids

Smiling kids in Charlotte NC are the goal for Dr David Moore DDS


For those families already calling Charlotte home, there are a lot of resources for finding health care providers, selecting child care, enrolling in a school, shopping, and finding things to do in the area. Charlotte Parent is a great source for parents looking to get recommendations on businesses they can trust, to attend events or special activities, or to read more about changes in their community that may affect their family. Many other news hubs have focused on family-friendly content by sharing top weekend activities for families.


The county parks & recreation department boasts a robust roster of options for kids of many different ages. There are also many area sports groups (professionals to watch and amateur leagues to join) to help keep families active.

With all of these support networks and growth opportunities, Dr. Moore knows he couldn’t have picked a better home for establishing and growing his pediatric dentistry practice, as well as raising his own family.