How Dr. David Moore Hires Pediatric Dentists

How Dr. David Moore Hires Pediatric Dentists

There are a lot of options for Charlotte dental homes, and even a wide array of choices for Charlotte-area pediatric dentists. Making the selection, online or another way, can certainly be overwhelming for parents who are seeking a trusted partner in their family’s oral health. However, choosing a pediatric dentist to add to one’s private practice can be just as intimidating.


Dr. David Moore has shared his thoughts on opening five Charlotte-area offices and how, when, and why he made the decision to establish each location. But beyond identifying where to grow the practice, he has to also go through a process of hiring the right team to help support each location.


Adding Pediatric Dentists to the Team

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Each new doctor hire is a risk. The reputation of a pediatric dentist practice is made from the experiences parents and patients have with any and all of the dentists, assistant staff, call center personnel, and front desk staffers. After all, you’re only as good as your team.


That said, it’s important to hire a wide variety of personalities and perspectives. Dr. Moore understands that offering his patients choices in doctors is just as important as offering a choice in office location. Some personalities will blend better than others. Some doctors will click with a child and make them smile each time they visit.


Finding trusted dentists is a process Dr. Moore takes very seriously. He wants to know that know matter which office, no matter which doctor, his patients and their families will be in excellent care and will leave the office looking forward to their next visit (hopefully in six months!).


After Hiring a Pediatric Dentist

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After he finds a dentist he knows will be a great fit for the practice, he keeps an open mind and ear for feedback from families. Though the dentist may be excellent in technique and training, are they as good of a fit for the office they’re placed in? Are families enjoying their interactions with the dentist?


Dr. Moore gathers this feedback through conversations with the patients and their parents, through surveys, through casual interactions as parents are booking the next appointment, through calls and emails received, and informally through the online feedback channels like social media.


Reviews, comments, questions, or images shared with Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry on the Facebook page, Twitter profile, Google community, or Instagram are great indicators of how parents and kids feel about their experiences with the practice and the doctors.


By monitoring these interactions, Dr. Moore is able to keep a pulse on how well the dentists are upholding the mission of Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry - to serve our local community by providing an unrivaled standard of quality care within pediatric dentistry. Our teams promote a fun, safe, and nurturing dental home for infants, children, adolescents, and individuals with special needs by promoting optimal oral health through education and long-term, impactful relationships with our patients.