How a Charlotte Pediatric Dentist’s Personal Values Shape the Practice

How a Charlotte Pediatric Dentist’s Personal Values Shape the Practice

Dr. David Moore, Charlotte pediatric dentist, has used his personal values as guidelines to shape his dental practice’s modus operandi for over 25 years. He knows that as the leader for the other doctors and staff at Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry, it is his responsibility to help establish a shared vision and mission.


He is also acutely aware that it is only through the efforts of his team that the practice will be successful in fulfilling the goal of creating an everlasting impact, beyond oral care, that positively influences the lives of our patients and their families. That’s why he takes special care when bringing a new dentist into one of the five office locations.


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Dr. David Moore, Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry, has worked with his team to create, define, and act on five values. The shared values are:


Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry List of Values


  • QUALITY Dental Care

  • Oral Health EDUCATION

  • Long-Term Patient RELATIONSHIPS

  • COMMUNITY Service

  • POSITIVE Team-Oriented Work Environment


Though many of the principles which guide daily activities at the offices have been created over time and have evolved, the roots of the guidelines come from Dr. Moore’s own beliefs. As he sees it, it is the duty of a pediatric dentist to provide quality dental care and oral health education in order to form and sustain long-term patient relationships. Those positive relationships will help a child achieve a healthy outlook on oral care for the future.


Dr David Moore Charloote


The job of a Charlotte pediatric dentist, according to Dr. Moore, extends beyond the walls of a dentist office. Community involvement and betterment is key to complete care for patients and their families.


In order to build relationships in the office or in the community, a dental practice has to be a place where like-minded individuals come together to positively impact others by adhering to shared values. That’s exactly what Dr. David Moore has in mind as Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry continues to grow.


The latest doctor to join the Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry team, Dr. Camilla Miskovich, is one example of the types of people Dr. Moore wants to have involved with the practice. When asked why she chose Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Miskovich said, “It was a stroke of fate I would say. I fell in love with Charlotte and all it has to offer, but once I met all of the wonderful doctors I would be working with I was sure that this was the place for me.” You can read more about the newest doctor in her spotlight.