Dr. David Moore Gives Kids A Healthy Start

Dr. David Moore Gives Kids A Healthy Start

Dr. David Moore, DDS helps children all over Charlotte achieve and maintain a healthy smile by giving them lifelong dental health habits they will carry into adulthood. One of his biggest goals is to provide valuable education to his patients’ parents and establish open communication and trust as two important variables in a patient/parent/dentist relationship.


February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, and this year’s campaign theme from the American Dental Association is "Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste and clean between your teeth for a healthy smile". Each year, the ADA creates fun activities, resources, and programs surrounding the campaign. National Children’s Dental Health Month gives Dr. Moore a chance to focus on this important topic as part of a pediatric dentistry education regimen for his patients.




Though Dr. Moore and all of his dentists at Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry reiterate the importance of brushing with fluoride toothpaste, flossing, and drinking fluoridated water year-round, his goal for this month is to share supporting claims to help parents better understand the importance of these objectives.


Why fluoride?


Fluoride has been proven to slow down and prevent tooth decay not only in children, but in adults, too. Studies have been conducted in communities that lack access to fluoridated water, and the findings concluded that the children in those communities were more prone to tooth decay. Using fluoride also helps cut down on extensive dental treatments needed by preserving and strengthening tooth enamel, making it more difficult for bacteria to form and cause tooth decay.


Brushing with fluoridated toothpaste and drinking tap water with fluoride gives your child the best opportunity to maintain a healthy smile. When applying fluoridated water and proper brushing into your child’s regular dental care regime at home, they will start to see improvement at regular dental visits, too! Dr. Moore believes in applying these practices to dental treatment in order for your child to receive the best possible care.

Benefits of flossing for kids


Dr. Moore, Charlotte pediatric dentist, emphasises the need to floss as soon as the teeth touch. When the teeth begin to touch, bacteria has a better chance of settling in between the teeth, causing decay and even cavities between the teeth!


Kids are not immune to gingivitis and tooth decay. Flossing is another catalyst to combat both diseases. When you fail to floss your teeth after brushing, you miss cleaning 30% of the tooth’s surface. To compare, that would be like only washing one hand.

Flossing not only keeps your child’s teeth healthy, but their gums as well. As a trusted Charlotte dentist, Dr. Moore encourages parents to help their children floss until they are able to do so properly.


Making the dentist fun for kids


Another way Dr. Moore helps kids in the Charlotte community is by providing a fun, educational, and relaxing atmosphere for kids! He takes extra care to hire a team of highly trained professionals with personalities best suited to care for and understand the needs of their little patients. He employs award-winning dentists at his Cotswold, University, Gastonia, Davidson, and Waverly locations.


Each team member has an approach that makes parents and kids feel comfortable at the dentist. Whether it’s helping to incorporate fun ways to practice brushing and flossing at home, to creating informational videos to help parents with flossing their child’s teeth, the dentists at Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry are always seeking ways to show that dental care can be fun and educational all at once!