Introducing ATKINS

Introducing ATKINS

Sometimes kids are nervous about visiting the dentist - and that’s where ATKINS comes in. I am so excited to announce our newest team member at Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry. ATKINS is a rehabilitative facility dog who will be visiting the Waverly office several days each month.

What makes ATKINS special?

ATKINS is certified by paws4people to mitigate dental anxiety by providing Animal Assisted Intervention for pediatric dental patients. She has been trained since birth and is specifically trained to work in a dental office. To certify as a paws4people rehabilitative facility dog, ATKINS completed 600 hours of training inclusive of puppy development, socialization and confidence, advanced obedience, and public access, plus more than 50 hours of facility dog training.

What does ATKINS do?

Trained to reduce any apprehension or anxiety about the dental visit, ATKINS walks with your child back to the exam room and even sits in the chair and models how to be a perfect patient. ATKINS gets a patient napkin clipped around her neck and has her teeth examined with a mirror. When it is your child’s turn to sit in the chair, ATKINS can either sit in their lap, or at the end or beside the chair on the floor - wherever your child would prefer. If your child is more comfortable with ATKINS in the chair with them, ATKINS can provide Deep Pressure Therapy. This method of therapy is proven to dramatically reduce anxiety in nervous patients.

How to get ATKINS at your child’s next appointment

ATKINS is available by request, for no additional fee, to assist your child during dental cleanings and most dental restorative procedures. If your child has dental anxiety, I recommend calling our office to request ATKINS be available for your child’s next appointment.

My team is excited to have ATKINS here to assist our patients and bring a smile to everyone in the office. If you have more questions about ATKINS and the assistance she provides, please contact Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry at our Waverly location.