This year has presented the Charlotte community, and American society as a whole, with two enormous challenges. The first being the threat of a highly contagious and potentially devastating Coronavirus.

I’m so proud of my team, especially the doctors of Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry, who spent hours combing through the scientific data to determine the best means to safely treat our patients in the presence of Covid-19, and we have been highly successful. 

I wish the second challenge was as easy to engage, but there is no easy way to address the current state of racial tensions.

Regardless of our situation, position, or privilege in life, it’s important we acknowledge the pain of black Americans and listen to what they have to say. It’s important for us to look critically at what we are doing and ask if there is more we can do. To do nothing is to accept an outcome that will know little peace.

My colleague Dr. Kim Nixon said “Dialogue must include issues like prejudices, ethnicity, privilege, culture and biases.  As a person of color, these issues are real and hurtful.  As a Pediatric Dentist, it is important to me that many young children can see someone who looks like them.  Who knows, maybe one will be inspired to follow.” 

We understand that the oral healthcare field has had disparities in our community for decades, and that many neighborhoods continue to be underserved.  These same neighborhoods may also lack access to healthy food sources and dental education, which further exacerbates the problems. It is a multifaceted issue that affects all races.

What can we, the doctors of Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry, do to help change and improve the vital issues facing our industry?

  1. We will continue to strive for equality and inclusion for care within our practice.Regardless of economic means, it is important for all children to have a dental home.
  2. We will continue to engage with our community and neighborhoods to provide education and support their needs.
  3. We will continue to mentor students who consider Pediatric Dentistry as a career.Our profession has made progress in opening its doors to minority students but there remains a need for more.
  4. We will continue to offer scholarships to students who wish to pursue a career in Dental Assisting but lack the necessary funds.
  5. We will continue to listen because there is so much more to learn.
  6. We will continue to embrace each of you with love and respect in order to make positive changes to our community.

We recognize that on the matter of race relations, our nation and the Charlotte community have come a long way. However, as the recent events clearly demonstrate, much more work remains for us to find common ground.


Dr. David H Moore, DDS