Building trust as a pediatric dentist is a responsibility Dr. David Moore doesn’t take lightly. Through his years of experience, he also knows it’s not something he can do alone. Forging partnerships with other pediatric oral health practices, taking an active role in the community, giving back to educational programs and charitable causes, developing a caring and professional staff, and striving to meet the needs of each child, parent, and family all play a key role in establishing and building trustworthy relationships.


Partnerships with Pediatric Oral Health Practices

Dr. Moore knows that parents who are looking for pediatric health professionals are looking for someone who truly cares about the overall well-being of their child and is willing to take the extra time and thought needed to work with children. That’s why each office of the Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry group builds ties with other local, related practices.

We help parents take the guesswork out of finding and selecting dental surgeons, pediatric orthodontists, and anesthesiologists. If a family needs a referral to a specialist, we rely on our already-established, trusted network of pediatric oral health specialists. Understanding what criteria to evaluate when making a specialist selection can be overwhelming, which is why we help guide families to find their best fit.

Partnerships with the Community

Another valued relationship for Dr. Moore is with the local community where each office of the practice can be found. With locations in GastoniaDavidsonUniversityCotswold, and South Charlotte, there are opportunities to connect with several thriving communities. We team up with the Gastonia Grizzlies to bring some fun to our Gastonia office, as well as spend more time with patients (bonus that we get to watch sports while we do it!).


We are members of Chambers of Commerce. And, we get involved with our great neighborhoods, like the home of our newest office, Waverly.

Additionally, Dr. Moore also looks for ways to give back to charitable organizations and events, as well as to his alma mater, the UNC School of Dentistry. Dr. Moore is an adjunct professor and also has a family fund that works to provide support for the school.

Partnerships with a Caring Staff

Dr. Moore invests the time and attention needed to create an entire team of caring professionals because the families he works with are treated as members of his own family. Their satisfaction and overall experience is important to him. So every member at every office is encouraged, trained, nurtured, and communicated with in order to create and maintain a strong team for our families.

Partnerships with Parents

The most important relationships Dr. Moore & the staff work to build are the ones created with the children & parents that ultimately become a part of the Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry family. Since we see children for about their first 17 years of life, we truly get to watch them grow. We bond with our families and always look for ways to celebrate their time with us. We look for ways to help parents by offering additional insight on our blog and by talking with local media. And, Dr. Moore truly loves hearing from all of our families through social media posts or feedback on visits.