As a Charlotte pediatric dentist, Dr. David Moore is always looking for ways to ensure every parent can obtain the best available, comprehensive oral care for their kids. To that end, even as Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry has rooted itself as a major provider of pediatric care, Dr. Moore continues to look for opportunities to improve service offerings.

That’s why Dr. Moore, in conjunction with the other dentists at Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry, is proud to announce the growth of a partnership with Zammitti & Gidaly Orthodontics. The orthodontists at Zammitti & Gidaly have values that align with those of Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry and have a proven track record of quality care for their patients.

Beginning in 2018, Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry and Zammitti & Gidaly Orthodontics will share a space in the new Harris Square Center in Harrisburg, NC. This gives our patients (as well as the patients of Zammitti & Gidaly) a one-stop shop for trusted pediatric oral health care.

From Dr. Moore:

“Our experienced dental teams will not only ensure your child has excellent dental health, but also work together to create a smile for a lifetime!” [source]

Dr. Moore has long been a believer in quality partnerships being key to success, especially when it comes to building long-term patient relationships and seeing positive outcomes with pediatric oral health care. The expansion of Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry’s relationship with the orthodontists at Zammitti & Gidaly further solidifies that belief and allows for more convenience for residents of Harrisburg, and surrounding areas of Charlotte, for pediatric dental needs.

Because of the nature of the trusted relationship between Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry and Zammitti & Gidaly, parents can rest assured that they are receiving the best possible referral when their child needs to see an orthodontist who can help them create healthy smiles for life.

If you need extra reassurance, you can see what other parents in the area are saying about the level of care they’ve received at Zammitti & Gidaly here or here.

As the Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry team prepares to open this joint space with Zammitti & Gidaly in Harrisburg, they are also continuing to expand and improve services to the other Charlotte area locations. The Midtown office has been renamed to Cotswold to better reflect the area and history of the location. The office in South Charlotte is officially now named Waverly. The South Charlotte area of town is growing rapidly, and Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry is excited to be a part of the growth.