Education is a crucial component of our values at Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry, and being a trusted children’s dentist in Charlotte includes putting any misconceptions about pediatric dentistry to rest. We want our patients to feel informed, confident, and comfortable when visiting the dentist!  Part of dental fear and/or reluctance stems from misinformation or vagueness about pediatric dentistry.

Dr. David Moore DDS, Charlotte pediatric dentist, has cleared up some common misconceptions about pediatric dentistry.

Myth #1: Children don’t need to see the dentist until all of their teeth come in.

Dr. Moore recommends taking your child to their trusted Charlotte dentist when the first tooth erupts, or no later than the child’s first birthday. An early examination gives your pediatric dentist a head start on creating the best long-term care plan for your child’s specific needs.

Myth #2: Cavities in baby teeth do not affect a child’s adult teeth.

Any untreated cavity has the potential to cause long-term impact on your child’s teeth. Tooth decay impacts the gums, which means an untreated cavity can hinder proper growth of adult teeth once the baby teeth come out. Trauma to baby teeth can also cause problems for the growth of adult teeth.

Myth #3: Dental sealants are not safe for kids.

According to the American Dental Association, sealants reduce the risk of cavities by 80%.The BPA level is not significant enough to cause health concerns, and they are completely safe for children. Dr. Moore will only suggest sealants in treatment on a case-by-case basis, and emphasizes that sealants are not a replacement for proper diet and dental care.

Myth #4: Baby teeth do not need to be flossed.

Food particles and bacteria do not favor adult teeth only, so flossing is a must for kids, too. Neglecting to floss after brushing makes your child more susceptible to gum disease. Dr. Moore and his team of Charlotte dentists recommend flossing as soon as two teeth touch. It is best to assist your child with flossing until they have the manual dexterity to do it properly.

Myth #5: A little blood when brushing teeth is normal.

Blood with brushing or flossing, even in small traces, is a sign of gum disease. The good news is that with proper oral health and regular dental cleanings/exams, the disease is typically reversible. Think of when you wash your hands. If they bled, you would be concerned, right? The same logic applies to brushing your teeth!

Myth #6: Pediatric dentistry is only necessary for children with dental issues.

Though pediatric dentists are trained to deal specifically with children’s dental issues, any child can benefit from seeing a Charlotte pediatric dentist! Though general dentists are very educated and capable, pediatric dentists specialize in pediatrics in order to better understand and treat children. Many general dentists end up referring children to a pediatric dentist so they can receive the best care possible.

Dr. Moore and his Charlotte pediatric dentists in Waverly, Davidson, Cotswold, Gastonia, and University are all happy to answer any questions you may have regarding pediatric dentistry. We invite you to come tour our offices and share your questions and/or concerns with us!