Making the decision to pursue pediatric dentistry was an easy one for Dr. David Moore. Likewise, Dr. Moore knew he wanted to uphold core values, for all of his patients, that meant something to him. For him, the decision to launch his own practice in Charlotte, North Carolina just made sense.

What began as one pediatric dental office in Charlotte has grown to six area locations. With offices in Cotswold, DavidsonGastoniaUniversity, and now Waverly in South Charlotte, Dr. Moore has worked to ensure quality dental care is available for kids in all areas of the greater Charlotte region.

Growth is not something that comes quickly or easily, however. While Dr. Moore would have loved to have immediately been available in the entire area, building a trusted dental practice is something that takes earning the trust of families–one child at a time.

As the office families grow smile by smile, the need to expand starts to become a reality. Dr. Moore knows that he can’t be the lead dentist at each office, so the question of how to build the right team, for each branch of the practice, comes into question. After all, the quality of care families receive at one location should be replicated and expected at every single office.

When hiring dentists, hygienists, office staff, appointment coordinators, and call center team members, Dr. Moore is keenly aware that he is only as good as his team. Each new staff member must hold the initial core values in high regard and seek to emulate them with each interaction with their pediatric patients.

The density of dental practices, including pediatric dental practices, is high in the Charlotte region. With so many options available, parents have a tough road to choosing the right pediatric dentist. Reviewing the offices’ public feedback from patients (on social media and other digital locations) is a good first step. However, it’s also important to take the time to ask key questions that are important to your family. Reach out to the practice and ask about appointment procedures, introductions on first visits, accommodations, special policies, and resources they have available.

By spending the time to do a little research on the practice as a whole, parents can feel comfortable selecting the dental home that fits for their kids. Ideally, the practice will have an office location that is convenient for the family’s lifestyle and have hours to suit on-the-go parents and kids.