Practicing good dental health habits year-round is essential for your child’s health. With that said, the holidays can take a toll on our routines. Dental health often takes a backseat to sweet treats and holiday hustle and bustle.

Dr. David Moore of Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry knows that part of being a trusted Charlotte pediatric dentist means helping children in the community achieve healthier smiles all year long. He has shared some important tips to help keep your child’s dental health on track throughout the holidays and into the new year.

Use Your Dental Benefits

If you don’t use them, you lose them! If you have dental benefits left, make an appointment at one of Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry’s five convenient locations before the year ends. You have already paid for these benefits and insurance companies will not allow you to carry them into the new year.

Make Dental Health a Priority

One of the most crucial parts of achieving optimal health relies on prioritizing your child’s dental health. Exemplifying good oral health habits for your child to emulate is key to their dental health success.

Dr. David Moore helps children and parents understand the necessity of proper brushing and flossing. Bringing your child to their Charlotte pediatric dentist within 6 months of their first tooth eruption is important to the start of their dental health.

Set Reminders

The holidays are packed full of school plays, concerts, sports events, family gatherings, and road trips. Kids are already pretty busy and holiday events can wreak havoc on their normal routines. Encouraging your adolescent children to set daily reminders can help ensure their dental health stays on track during this active time.

Set reminders on your devices for your smaller children. Kids are perceptive and thrive on routine, so working towards a routine without reminders is the ultimate goal!

Add Dental Health to your New Year’s Resolutions

If your family sets yearly resolutions, consider adding dental health to the list. Discuss the setbacks that can occur when you neglect your dental health. Make yourself a resolution to be more involved in your child’s dental care routine.

Dr. David Moore and his team are committed to helping families and kids in Charlotte develop healthy dental care habits for life. Discover why parents trust Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry with their child’s dental care by making an appointment today.