effects of soda

There’s a good chance you already know sodas are unhealthy for your kids to drink – but do you know how unhealthy? In addition to sodas being harmful to the body’s internal organs, these carbonated concoctions are dangerous for your child’s teeth!

Effects of soda on teeth

Soda pop contains the two most dangerous elements for teeth: sugar and acid. These two ingredients make up the perfect recipe for cavities. The high amount of sugar creates tooth decay, while the acidity of soda deteriorates the enamel on teeth.

What to drink instead of soda

Dr. David Moore recommends cutting soda out of your child’s diet. Even one soda a day can lead to cavities. Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry also discourages children from drinking juices and sports drinks that are packed with sugar.

 Instead, your child should drink water, milk, or 100 percent fruit juices.

  • Water keeps the body hydrated, while rinsing away food and other particles that may cause bacteria to form on your children’s teeth.
  • Milk helps to strengthen the enamel in your growing child’s teeth. The phosphorus in milk is just like fluoride.
  • Be careful when shopping for fruit juices. Read labels carefully to ensure you are purchasing 100 percent fruit juices, and avoiding extra sugars. These should be drank in moderation and your child should always rinse their mouth with water after.


If you have more questions about the dangers of drinking soda or how to prevent cavities, don’t hesitate to reach out to Dr. David Moore at Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry.