tooth enamel

As an adult, you’ve probably heard about tooth enamel and how important it is to the health of your teeth. As a parent, it’s important that you consider protecting the enamel of your children’s teeth, too. Dr. David Moore has steps to help you strengthen your child’s enamel.

What is enamel?

Enamel is a thin coating on the teeth, however it is also the hardest tissue in the human body. This layer on the tooth is a barrier between your teeth, and plaque and cavities. Over time, enamel can break down. This is due to a variety of factors, including dental care and diet.

3 steps to stronger enamel

If you incorporate these three steps from Dr. David Moore into your child’s dental routine, they will have stronger enamel to protect them from cavities and decay.

1.     Eat foods that protect enamel

First things first, eliminate sugary foods and drinks. Sugars that are found in candies, sodas, and juices, eat away at tooth enamel. Instead, replace these with healthy alternatives like veggies, fruits, milk, and water.

2.     Rinse after meals

Rinsing the teeth with water after eating gets rid of food particles that can accumulate, eventually causing plaque and decay.

3.     Avoid excessive brushing

Brushing too hard or too much can start to deteriorate the enamel.

For more tips to strengthen and protect your child’s tooth enamel, contact Dr. David Moore at Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry. He would be happy to give you advice on protecting your little one’s smile.