Depending on the needs of a patient, there could be a need for anesthesia for a surgical procedure. If this is the case for a Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry patient, we utilize Valleygate Dental Surgery Center of Charlotte. Serving as the Dental Director of this Charlotte facility, I can attest to their dedication to ensuring comfort to children while receiving their dental service.

Why does my child need to go to a surgery center?

There could be several reasons a child may need anesthesia for dental services. If they are unable to stay still or there is a lot of work that needs to be done, it is best for the child and the dentist if they are sedated. A child could need to visit Charlotte’s Valleygate Dental Surgery Center for tooth extractions, crowns, or sealants if the dentist feels they would more be suitable for the procedure while under general anaesthesia.

Can I stay with my child at Valleygate Dental Surgery Center?

Valleygate Dental Surgery Center is an outpatient facility where patients are treated and sent home on the same day. Parents are allowed to stay with their child up until they are taken into the surgery room, and can rejoin their child once they are moved into the recovery room. The time each dental treatment takes will vary with each child.  It depends on the amount of dental treatment that is needed as well as the amount of time your child needs to recover before being released. Parents should have an open schedule during the day of their child’s procedure.

Following up with Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry

After a procedure at Valleygate Dental Surgery Center of Charlotte, we recommend your child returns to Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry for a follow-up visit. We want to ensure that your child is recovering well and there is no need for further procedures.

For more questions about Valleygate Dental Surgery Center or Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry, contact our offices today.