As much as we strive to serve our patients every day in our office, we also have a mission to promote higher education and research in the pediatric dentistry field. In an effort to fulfill our mission, Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry has participated in studies and research for those entering the pediatric dentistry field. For example, my step-daughter Kayla, is beginning her pediatric dentistry residency at Ohio State University and has a research article being published in the journal, Patient Preference and Adherence.

Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry Participating in Studies

The data collected during this study was from the practices of our very own Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry. The article, “Examining Parental Treatment Decisions Within a Contemporary Pediatric Dentistry Private Practice,” explains how the study was to compare relationships between child, parent, and clinical factors with patient-level treatment decisions for early childhood tooth decay. The study identified child dental anxiety as the primary factor associated with treatment decisions at our specific practice. Thanks to the great research conducted here, pediatric dentists all over the world can work to help ease dental anxiety and help prevent tooth decay in children.

Helping Fund the Future Pediatric Dentists

It has always been a passion of mine to help others working to enter the world of pediatric dentistry, which is why the Moore Family Fund was created.  In 1999, I established an endowed fund to provide a library and office to pediatric dentistry residents at the UNC School of Dentistry. In 2016, I helped create another endowed fund that will provide critical financial aid to residents in the department of pediatric dentistry. I also am sure to contribute to a fund which honors my dental mentor, Dr. Bill Vann, as well as other funds that help ensure the future dental excellency.

Dental Assistant Scholarships

Recently, Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry announced the recipients of the inaugural Dental Assistant Scholarship. Outstanding students training to be dental assistants were recommended, interviewed, and selected to receive scholarships toward their studies. These scholarship recipients will spend part of their clinical rotations in the Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry office, but are not required to work for Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry if they prefer another path. We hope to demonstrate that, for those who want a career in pediatric dentistry, Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry is the best place to be. I do feel confident that at least one of these recipients will choose to work for us as a dental assistant in the future.

I am very proud of all the hard work we are doing at Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry. Our team works hard to not only take care of our day-to-day patients, but to also nurture and secure the future of pediatric dentistry.