One of the best parts of being a parent, is getting to watch your child grow and experience all of their “firsts”. By age two, your child should have had their first pediatric dentist visit. If you haven’t taken your child to get a dental exam yet, Dr. David Moore has pointers on what to expect and how to prepare.

Before your child’s first trip to Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry

The first step is to call our office to set up a new patient appointment for your child. Our helpful staff will do their best to assist you in scheduling an appointment that works with your schedule. Once you’ve marked the appointment down in your calendar, the next step is to fill out the necessary paperwork. In order to not waste your time and increase our office efficiency, we’ve made all the forms you need available on our website. At your convenience, you can print and fill out the new patient paperwork to be brought in on the day of your child’s appointment.

Putting your child at ease before the first pediatric dentist visit

It’s not uncommon for your child to be apprehensive before their first pediatric dentist appointment. To help calm them down, and put you at ease as a parent, Dr. David Moore recommends taking time to prepare them.

Have a talk with your kid

Sit down with your child and explain to them what they can expect on their trip to the pediatric dentist. It may help to “play dentist” in order for them to construct a better idea of what will happen while at their Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry appointment.

Get familiar with dental terms

One of the most overwhelming parts for a child is hearing a lot of words from doctors and staff that they don’t understand. To help avoid this worry, Dr. David Moore suggests familiarizing them with dental terms they will most likely hear during their first exam.


For more tips on how to prepare or questions about what to expect, reach out to Dr. David Moore in Charlotte, NC.